Anonymous are there certain fandoms you're looking for for urls? 

im not looking into any certain fandoms urls as im considering any offer but

  • tokyo ghoul
  • kagepro
  • yowapeda
  • haikyuu!!

would be some of my main interests rn

Anonymous; litask;

well i guess you can send me your offers and i’ll consider them

im REALLY PICKY with this one so please no plurals or dashes or things like that ty

canon url; uft;
Kagerou Project → Ta-ta-tara-Takane Enomoto

haruka kokonose; takane enomoto; kagepro; alice; and me; queue;
me; takane enomoto; girlfriend; kagepro;


Hmmmm don’t know I just wanna make jailo cry

Kagerou Project Reference Post — Updated 04/22/13


Credit to Meta for translating the “story” behind each song!

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