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'I was beat/spanked/paddled and I turned out fine? See!' I would argue that you did not turn out fine, you turned into someone who thinks it is okay to hit a defenseless child when they do something wrong because you have power over someone smaller than you." -

@chocopompcirc, "The Euphemism of Spanking (Hint: it’s actually assault)" (via sonofbaldwin)

Every time I’ve ever been presented with the “I turned out fine” argument it is from people who I know and can verify have not turned out “fine” in the sense that they struggle with emotional regulation, treating other people well, temper control, and other things that stem directly from being abused as children.

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"haru is being really out of character!" um. it’s happening in canon so i’d say you don’t really have an argument here. this isn’t fanfic, this is literally canon. this is what is happening to haru in the actual story so please sit down

that’s really not how it works though. part of being a writer for anything and making a character involves establishing that character’s personality and thus, how they act in situations. people DO change, but they do not do so without reason usually. even random interactions throughout the day of people being mean to other strangers result directly from some other action that caused that to happen.

is it canon this is happening? yes. but does that mean it fits the current structure of haru given the information we’ve received about him and his motivations? no. if kyoani had hinted at him thinking of this or had explained more about him to us, maybe this would make more sense, but for now it doesn’t. i HOPE by ep 13 it’s explained properly how he arrived at this but i am also skeptical of being given anything satisfactory.

it being canon doesn’t excuse anything or make it suddenly make sense. movies, books, comics, etc are supposed to make sense both as a plot and as motives for individual characters. if you’re trying to say a writer can do whatever they want and the fans shouldn’t be confused or think it’s weird or wrong based on what they know about the plot or characters because “this is what the writer said and it’s happening” then you’re basically unraveling the space-time continuum of writing rules.

please do not insult the art form of many of us by acting like ‘canon’ is above criticism simply because its canon. we adhere to these rules because without them nothing would make any sense. people work for ages to perfect their plot and characters and make them make sense. don’t insult that by excusing awkward and crappy writing.

If a white boy walked around with a samurai sword, he wouldn’t be gunned down by the police. 

Darrien Hunt, a young black man, was walking around with a samurai sword and was shot to death by the police, keep in mind he was cosplaying. 



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